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Leadville Trail 100 Pacing

A couple weekends ago I got to do one of my favorite things – cover long distances in the mountains at night at a good pace. Several months ago, I received an email from a friend, who was passing on … Continue reading

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Leadville and Motivation

The Leadville Trail Marathon is now four weeks behind us. I signed up for it in memory of Rob Janssen, who passed in a climbing accident last year. My training was almost all-consuming leading up to it, as evidenced by … Continue reading

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Long Term Review – New Balance MR00

About five months ago, I picked up a pair of New Balance MR00 minimalist running shoes, to replace the NB MT20v1s that I wore out (uppers were fine – rubber sole was completely worn through and falling apart, after several … Continue reading

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Denver Marathon

Well, it’s done. The pain will be lasting for a few days though, my guess is by Wednesday I’ll have full function in my legs back. I didn’t make my sub-4:00 goal, not by a long shot. New blisters started … Continue reading

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No turning back now

Yesterday afternoon, I signed up for the Denver Marathon, taking place on Sunday, October 18, 2009. My goals are as follows: do it barefoot, and finish under 3:30. I hope to do this with 110+ miles a week on my … Continue reading

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Race Photos

This post will be far less visually appalling than the previous one (at least, I hope so). Race photos are up for the Colfax Marathon, and for some reason they only took photos for the Half at the end of … Continue reading

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I had a long weekend

It was a blast but I’m also glad it’s over with. As some of you may know, this Sunday was the Colfax Marathon. I signed up for the half with Nate a few months ago when it was BOGO, and … Continue reading

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ForeRunner Review

I’m past 50 miles on my Garmin ForeRunner 305 at this point, and figure it’s fair to give it a real review now. I’ve still been using a program made by RunnersWorld for racing a 10k, in preparation for my … Continue reading

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FiveFingers: 50-mile review

I’ve had my Vibram FiveFingers KSOs for a few weeks now, and have reached roughly 50 miles in them, including a single 25 mile week. At this point, I think they’re great. There’s a freedom to running in them, as … Continue reading

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Run, then keep running, and then run some more

Since getting my Forerunner, I’ve been putting in quite a few miles (all wearing the fivefingers). The first run was on Saturday, and since then, I’ve done 18.5. If I do all the runs from my training program, this week … Continue reading

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