Full Moon

Friday night I had the chance to drive up Loveland Pass and take some photos. The following are two that I thought came out particularly well. I really need a real tripod. Exposure times 20-25sec.


Moonlight Classic ride

Last night/early this morning was the annual Moonlight Classic bike ride around Denver. I went down early to meet up with some people off CraigsList for a few beers. They turned out to be space cases, but I met a few other people at the bar with a brain in their heads. The first wave was coming up so I went over to watch a little after 10. Shortly thereafter I met up with another group of people for the ride. It was a blast riding around town in the middle of the road at midnight going 10mph with impunity. There were lots of random stops and holdups for god only knows who/what, and a stop at a bar (which was packed) so we had to cut the ride short. It was about 2:30 when we all made it to the finish line, pounded some burritos, and took off. The whole thing was surreal.

Seattle, Day 4

I don’t have any pictures from this day, since I only took two and neither came out too well. Katrina has some which should be decent.

We woke up at 8am (intended to set the alarm for 6:30, which didn’t go so well), freaked out, and took off for the kayak place. By 9 we were in the water, getting the hang of the boat. There was a storm trying to blow in, so the sea was a little choppy. This made for a lot more fun than it would’ve been just cruising around in the calm water right off the shore.

This finished up and we headed for the ferry back to Seattle. We stopped at a small market with cheap fresh fruit, then it was to the airport for a little dinner before the flight back. I was on the right side of the plane to see Rainier as we went by. I’m in awe, and can’t wait to be back.

Seattle, Day 3

After a few hours of drinking quality beer next to the campfire, Katrina was falling asleep at the bench. 5 very cold, restless hours later, the sun was coming up.

A few minutes later we took off to gather firewood at the beach for that evening. It’s amazing how much wood just constantly washes up to shore.

Then it was off to the Hoh Rain Forest. Very green, but not what I was expecting.

These were everywhere along the roads. Can anyone ID it?

I passed out while Katrina drove, and I woke up when we were about to stop at a short hike to a waterfall. I don’t remember the name of it.

Then it was off to Hurricane Ridge. It was awesome.

A few hours of hiking and looking around there and we took off, trying to find another campground before sunset. Made it just in time (this picture within 30 seconds of getting to the shore).

Then it was back to get a fire going.

Playing with long exposures.

This was to be a very, very, very long night. At one point I went and watched the waves coming in by starlight, which was simply beautiful. The two of us downed a case of beer, and weren’t asleep until roughly 4:30. We had a sea kayaking reservation for 8:30 the next morning.

Seattle, Day 2

At long last, I’m back to the Seattle trip.

After an uncomfortable night sleeping under a viaduct, the two of us crawled out from the back of the Durango and took off to scare up some food. A quick stop was made to look at Seattle from across the bay, but I’m not thrilled with any of the photos. Breakfast was in a diner in Sea-Tac, which turned out to be pretty damn good and inexpensive. Since we didn’t know about the awesomeness and simplicity of the ferries, we drove down to Olympia on our way to the peninsula. Here’s a shot of the capitol building:

Ok, enough of that. Several hours and many diversions later we made it just about to the coast. We stopped at a campground to reserve our spot. Beautiful there:

After a few minutes, it was off to the shore. Many bottles of beer were loaded into a backpack, and we got ready to watch the sun set over the ocean.

And it’s gone.

Explosion in Cyclists

Over the past couple days on my rides to and (mostly) from work, I’ve noticed a sharp increase in the number of people on bikes. It’s encouraging to see that I’m not the only one making the change. I didn’t make it in on my bike today due to not being up and home in time to get ready, but I’ve done without my car for 13 days of commuting since June 25th. That’s 430 miles on my bike to save 520 miles on my car ($70 at $4/gal). I’m also quite a bit tanner and firming back up after my couple months of slacking.

It’s amazing to see the camaraderie that’s forming. Yesterday after coming up the hill from Lincoln Ave., some guy with WY plates did some whacked out 270 degree U-turn style flip around right in front of me. He clearly didn’t see me, and I stopped a couple feet away where he muttered a quick “sorry.” I wasn’t really pissed about it since I saw it coming and never got close enough to be in real danger. What happened next was completely unexpected. I started hearing random shouting from at least half a block away at the guy, and then another guy on a bike coming the other way calmly yelled at the guy “hey man, what the hell’s goin’ on, you need to get a fuckin’ brain man.” Outstanding.

Sorry about how long the Seattle photos are taking, I’m going to sit down and sort through at least the next day (probably the most photo-intensive day of the trip) tonight.

Seattle, Day 1

Katrina and I just got back from Seattle late, late Sunday night (technically Monday morning). It’s absolutely beautiful there, and I took nearly 500 photographs with my fancy new (to me) 30D. I’m starting to sort through the shots. Not much from Thursday. We flew in fairly early in the morning, got the rental car (Dodge Durango, perfect for sleeping in the back), and headed in to town. Traffic was terrible, even at 10:30am.

After a little driving around finding our way, we made it to the Space Needle. Surprisingly, it was cloudy and cold. Here’s a shot of the bay from the observation deck:

Not many of the other views came out well. From there we walked along the waterfront to get lunch at a crab place that served surprisingly little crab. After that was Pike Place Market, which was very cool and interesting. Katrina had 5lb of the most ridiculously huge crab legs overnighted to her dad, then we went to the Pike Street Brewery. We showed up right in time for happy hour, so I did the sampler in pint form. Our first round was purchased by some guys from Seattle’s network steam utility. I need to give one of them a call and talk a while, because I was so stunned by the area that I’m considering moving out there one day. Two hours and several postcards later we worked our way to the art museum, which was fairly small but interesting. After that we headed back to the Space Needle to change and get ready to head out for some night life. Here’s the only other decent shot of the night, just before heading out:

Beautiful. Finding the nightlife was challenging. We were directed to Pioneer Square, which was dead. A quick stop at a sushi place for a little food, a beer, and a birthday shot and we headed for the “hotel” spot for the night – as suggested by the guys at the brewery, I found a parking spot underneath the Alaskan Viaduct with free overnight parking. A few uncomfortable, restless hours later it was morning, and I was off to scare up some breakfast.

I’ll be continuing this over the next few days, since it was a four day trip with hundreds of pictures. The next days will be far more photo intensive, as I used my camera more, and it was even more beautiful than the city.