Go Ninja Go Ninja Go!

Last night, being Thursday, was the night of the Irish Snug’s weekly 5k Snug Run. And being the night before Halloween, costumes were a large part of it. There were some great costumes – Tony the Tiger, a bumble bee, a cow, a cheetah, a fat rugby player, and Jim Dangle (Reno911) being some of the best. I went as a ninja, complete with facemask to impede breathing while I ran. In what is becoming a concerning trend, I was hit by a gravity storm on the very last step of the run, which caused me to crash into the ground and roll my ankle. This will be a very interesting (and laugh-filled, for my friends) winter if this continues.

One run down, only nine to go to get the free shirt.



I should’ve expected it. Yesterday was day 50 of biking to work since the end of June. At the end of the day I went to get on my bike, only to find that the rear had flatted out, and wasn’t holding air. I wasn’t thrilled, especially since they’re supposed to be super tough tires and auto-sealing Goo tubes. I had to get a ride home, and I started checking what the problem was with the tube. Turns out there was a tiny puncture on the seam of the tube. Patched it and it has held air since.

Tomorrow shall be day 51.

50 Days in Four Months

Today was my 50th day of biking to work since June 25 of this year. This month, I have only driven four days (one being the first day of a new job, two on days when I needed to be able to get around more quickly to deal with furnace problems, and the last being due to unexpected cold and strong winds).

The goal for 2009 will is to break 200 days, which averages out to less than four days a week (261 working days in a year). This will be far easier than before, as I am less than five miles from home by bike rather than more than 16. My last fillup was a full four weeks after the prior one. That will increase for the winter with driving up for skiing, but my gas usage for commuting to work has decreased to nearly nothing.

Skiing, day 1

Today was the first of 40+. My first day on skis since Spring, and it was surprisingly unterrible. Cold and cloudy, short WROD, and thousands of people. Yes! The ground off the ribbon was abysmally bare. And it lived up to its name. At one point, there were roughly 10 snowboarders in about 100 square feet shortly after the lift dropoff. One old ‘troller on tele gear ate it directly in front of me.

The ribbon of death appeared it would live up to its name. Sick!

And the line got just as bad by 11.

I’m not worthy:

No significant snow in the forecast. It’ll be a month, month and a half before things really get going, but for now, it’s good to be back on my skis.

Lift-served ski season is OPEN!

That’s right. As of half an hour ago, Arapahoe Basin and Loveland are open for business! Sure, it’s one crappy manmade run, but who cares? I’ve been looking forward to this moment since May, and it’s finally here. May we have another winter like the last.