Nice, Quiet Morning Rides

A few days ago, I decided I wanted to get up and go for a bike ride this morning, before things warmed up too much. I just got back a short bit ago after riding around the reservoir (in fact, breakfast is still cooking!). I took the camera because it was just going to be a leisurely ride, and…well, I like taking photographs. This route is one of my favorites; it’s about 25 miles round-trip from home around the Cherry Creek reservoir, and mostly in very bicycle-friendly areas.

With a target start-time of 7am, we were out the door just before 7:40, and enjoyed a quiet approach to the trail.

It was a perfect morning for a ride, as it was a little overcast and stayed cool the entire time. Continue reading


The animals

This afternoon the light in the house was perfect, and I saw an opportunity to take a few quick photos of the animals with perfect light coming in through the windows. Miles was sleeping on the couch all day, being absolutely adorable.

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