Let it Snow!

After a long, warm autumn in Denver, a cold front with real snow finally made its way to town yesterday. The morning started off in the low 40s, and temps hit single digits by the end of the day. I’d be out skiing today if it weren’t for the bitter cold – a high temp around 0 at 11,000′ plus 20mph winds led me to take a much-needed rest day lounging around the house and playing with Scout, who may have been even more stoked than I was for this little storm.

I have to take credit for this snow-job – Scout loves the snow but she wasn’t quite rolling around enough to get fully coated.

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Eiseman Hut WAGS Trip – Part 1

 Let me start by saying that this is one of the best trips to the mountains I’ve ever had. Outstanding times with friends, beautiful scenery, amazing snow, great photos, and countless stories to tell. I organized this trip in August, after a few of us decided that last April’s trip was too much fun to not do again – only this time, it was to be a WAGS (wives and girlfriends) trip.

We got an early start on Friday, heading out from the Spraddle Creek trailhead about 8am with big, heavy packs on our backs.

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Quiver Dilemma

I’ve talked to a few friends about this, but time is getting to be of the essence and so I’m going ahead and casting a wide net and turning to you. I’ve got some skis that I don’t know which bindings I should mount them with, and need help. Here’s the list:

  • 179 Public Enemy with alpine bindings (rock skis, this setup isn’t changing)
  • 175 Black Diamond Kilowatt with Dynafits (ski mountaineering, this isn’t changing without a good argument)
  • 186 Rossignol SC97, unmounted but getting alpine bindings
  • 186 ON3P Billy Goat, mounted with Dynafits but will need a remount
  • 186 Rossignol S3, don’t actually have these yet but should in a few days

What would you do, and why? Nothing is out of the question, including buying/selling things.

Backcountry Film Festival

Next Thursday night, Friends of Berthoud Pass is putting on a Backcountry Film Festival. There will be several short films played, all of which I’ve been looking forward to seeing. Tickets are $10, though there are multi-ticket packages available at a substantial discount. There will also be raffle ticket and beer sales, with all proceeds benefitting FoBP’s grassroots avalanche education program. If you get ahold of me, I might even be able to arrange a better ticket discount. See you there!

Long-term Tire Review: Continental Sport Contact

Full disclosure: I paid full price for these tires at Salvagetti in downtown Denver, a shop which I strongly recommend.

Last night I finally retired my first Sport Contact, off the rear wheel of my bike (the front, while showing a little wear, is still going strong). It’s billed as a nearly flat-proof tire, and lately I’ve had a couple flats which tells me it was time to replace it. While I didn’t burn through to a different colored rubber, comparing the thickness of the tread to the replacement told me all I needed to know. It was sad to see the tire go, but not unexpected – they’ve got two full summer seasons on them, plus a decent amount of winter miles. Though I didn’t track exactly, it stood up to at least 4,000 miles – most of them while running the bike as a fixed gear. Not bad for a $30 tire. I use the 700×32 size, which is perfect for commuting – it gave a smooth ride but isn’t unreasonably heavy, particularly for a tire with such great flat protection. I absolutely recommend these tires to anyone looking for a mostly-dry road commuting tire.