Keeping Water Unfrozen

This is an idea I’ve been kicking around in my head for some time now. Come wintertime, keeping your water from freezing in the backcountry is vital. I eschew hydration bladders altogether once the snow flies, as the “tricks” to keep it unfrozen (blowing air in the tube, get an insulated hose, etc.) are all too unreliable. I’ve occasionally seen it suggested to add a little vodka to your water to lower the freezing point, but always wondered just how effective that relatively small amount of alcohol would be. I finally got tired of simply wondering, did some research, and threw everything in to a spreadsheet. Continue reading


Biking the Colorado Trail, Copper to Camp Hale

I got an email last week from Hans inviting me on a long-ish alpine ride, something I hadn’t done before but very much wanted to. There was talk of an early start, and 4:30am came far too early on Saturday morning. The full crew was Hans, Larry, Grant, Kelley, and myself. Several hours of driving to Copper Mountain, shuttling around to Camp Hale and back, then trying to find the start of the ride, and we were off – at about 10:15.

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