Mt. Elbert Sunrise Bike Descent

I’d hoped to do this last summer, but schedules just never worked out. Everything came together this past weekend though – no one was busy with other plans, good weather was in the forecast (save a bit of wind), and there was a mostly-full moon.

Originally, we were going to start pretty early in the morning and finish up mid-day. I half-jokingly suggested to Andrew that we just do it overnight, summit at sunrise, and finish up early. After thinking about it for a minute, the overnight plan made a lot of sense – not having to wake up at 2am is always nice, and we’d miss the hordes of mid-day hikers by being off the mountain before most of them even started.

Photo by Brian Pearson
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Mt. Elbert Bike Descent Video

Yesterday, I pushed my bike up and rode down Mt. Elbert with Andrew and Brian. Photos and words will be up in a day or two, but the video is ready now. If you’d like to watch the HD version (strongly recommended), click through to Vimeo’s website. Enjoy!