Crestone Needle Ski Attempt

Going in to this climb, the five of us (Carl, Eric, Marc, Matt, and myself) were aware of a not-too-pleasant weather forecast. Winds were expected to be bad, and we only had a few hour window when it would be less-than-terrible up high. The flip side of this is that NOAA’s wind forecasts often turn out to be entirely wrong, so staying home because of a wind forecast is often a good way to miss a beautiful day in the mountains. This was not such a day.

Friday night, we drove up the road towards South Colony Lake as far as the snow would allow. What does a 4Runner look like with climbing, skiing, and car camping gear for four look like, you may ask? Like a tick about to pop.

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FITS Sock Co. Sock Review

A couple months ago, I briefly mentioned FITS Sock Co. after talking to them at SIA. I’ve been using their Ultra Light Ski sock exclusively since then, and have become a big fan.


For an “ultra light” sock, these look and feel relatively bulky – I assume because of the twisted pairs of wool they use, rather than weaving with single threads. This apparent bulk immediately disappeared, though, once I put my foot in to my too-narrow boots. There’ve been no signs of durability issues at all.

There are seven (seven!) patents on these socks between certain construction methods and the fit, and they all add up to one great sock. Most impressive to me was the sock staying up through entire days (thanks to the addition of nylon threads throughout the entire sock) in my low-cuff AT boots – my old standby, Smartwool Ultra Lights, would have sagged and bunched up from that. Best yet, the socks are made here right in the USA.

I was given these socks for free, but I wouldn’t hesitate to pay full retail for them.

Cameron and Bross Sort-of Ski Descents

I sometimes wonder why I do this to myself. Out of bed at 2am. Driving at 2:45. Hiking at 5:20. Questionable snow conditions. Horrible winds, well above the forecast. I managed to convince Nate to come, while Marc and Eric actually wanted to go. Sophie will follow me to the ends of the earth, though I wouldn’t have brought her had I expected the ground blizzard she put up with.

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