Storm the Castle CX Race Day Photos

Summer has quickly faded in Colorado, and Fall is back in force. Cool, sunny days make for great cyclocross weather, and a special late-day/evening race schedule thanks to Without Limits meant a full day at the races without having to get out of bed at 5am. There are a ton of photos here (I ended up with about 650 at the end of the day) so the captioning will be a bit light.

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Cyclocross Season Returns! – CX of the North

And just like that, ‘cross season is back in Colorado. At the time of this writing things are more than a bit damp thanks to a 100-year storm, but moondust was the name of the game last weekend at Cross of the North. I’m back to “racing” in the singlespeed category, partly due to missing the pain that comes with not being able to change gear ratios mid-race, but also largely due to racing at 8am instead of 2:30pm. I’m a morning person through-and-through, and the early race works perfectly for me.

Photo by Greg Orticelle

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