How not to deal with an avalanche

This video is absolutely horrifying. It started off alright – they kept an eye on the person caught in the slide and knew about where to start looking. From there, it turns in to an absolute junk show. Know your gear, know your search procedures, and most importantly, know your parters. It’s a miracle this man survived.

Mt. Elbert Bike Descent Video

Yesterday, I pushed my bike up and rode down Mt. Elbert with Andrew and Brian. Photos and words will be up in a day or two, but the video is ready now. If you’d like to watch the HD version (strongly recommended), click through to Vimeo’s website. Enjoy!

Bike Season’s Here!

This time of year is normally for long days climbing peaks and skiing back down, but this winter has been anything but normal. With the statewide snowpack below 50% of normal, I’ve only been on skis once in the past month. Unless something drastically changes, the skis are probably hung up for the year, with the possible exception of closing day. I’m in full-blown bike mode, and put together a little video of my first few rides of the year. Click through to Vimeo’s site for better video quality.

Denver Snow Day

I recently got a GoPro camera, and I put together my first video during the snowpocalypse that hit Denver last week. I’m really looking forward to getting some more experience with it. Enjoy!