Bike to work

Wednesday was Bike to Work day. Preparation started Sunday with a proof of concept ride in. Nate broke a spoke and so we had a bit of a detour for repair. Wednesday went well, especially the free breakfast right across the street from the office. That evening biking to work was discussed, and after a couple beers a goal to not fill up the car with gas prior to going on vacation (a couple weeks) was made. Things get a little fuzzy, but it somehow turned into trying to bike to work as much as possible. It’s not too bad, doing it I get two full-hour workouts each day, and it only takes up an extra hour of my time (which would be spent half sleeping and half doing nothing). On top of that I save on the order of $6 a day in gas alone, not to mention the wear and tear on the car.

By and by, it looks like this ridiculous stunt will end up featured in the next round of the company newsletter.

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