Moonlight Classic ride

Last night/early this morning was the annual Moonlight Classic bike ride around Denver. I went down early to meet up with some people off CraigsList for a few beers. They turned out to be space cases, but I met a few other people at the bar with a brain in their heads. The first wave was coming up so I went over to watch a little after 10. Shortly thereafter I met up with another group of people for the ride. It was a blast riding around town in the middle of the road at midnight going 10mph with impunity. There were lots of random stops and holdups for god only knows who/what, and a stop at a bar (which was packed) so we had to cut the ride short. It was about 2:30 when we all made it to the finish line, pounded some burritos, and took off. The whole thing was surreal.

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