The Quiver

Two years ago, I had only one pair (the skinny tele skis in the middle, below). The year after, I had two active pairs (the 179 PEs to the right, and the BH Districts on far right). First they were mounted tele, now alpine. This year, I have five pair leaning against my wall.

Left to right: 2008-09 Bluehouse District 187, Dynastart Legend Pro XXL 194, K2 Totally Piste 179, K2 Public Enemy 179, 2007-08 Bluehouse District 179

Of course, the tele skis haven’t even been mounted in a year and a half (though that may change), and the 07-08 Districts appear to be on their way out the door, for a mere 3 pair of skis in active rotation.

Now all we need is some snow. It looks like a wet, heavy storm will be blowing in later this week. With any luck, it’ll be followed in rapid sucession by several more of the same to get a good base in place.

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