Factors: Factored!

Yesterday was my third day on skis for the year. Normally unremarkable, given the total lack of snow we’ve had thus far. To my extreme joy, the Black Diamond Factor AT boots I ordered arrived on Friday. I hadn’t been planning on skiing this week, but their arrival changed my tune. I went down to REI to get them custom molded to my feet, and drove up to A-Basin yesterday morning for a couple hours on the WROD. Crowds were impressively small, due in no small part to the warm and dry weather we’ve seen for the past week.

Now to the Factors; yes, they’re heavy. On the upside, they ski like a dream. Stiff (forward and laterally), amazing fit for my foot-type, and a ridiculously awesome walk mode. I was finding rollers and little airs to go off of and felt totally stable and in control at all times. I can’t wait for more snow and real terrain to open.

After a couple hours there, it was off to Berthoud Pass to scout around for a while. I got a good perspective on the area and some pictures, but despite the forecast for warm and dry with highs in the 40s, a storm blew in with high winds and snow. Hopefully a sign of things to come. Pictures to follow…

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