Solstice Skiing

It’s official, Winter is here and in full force! I spent the day with some friends at A-Basin yesterday for my 6th day of the season. It was very cold – -3F at the base mid-day, and so windy they shut down everything but the main lift at the bottom. There was only one black run open, so I lapped that for the entire day. I’m sore today as I aired a five-footer to flat about a dozen times, and had a good crash through some trees that had a couple people shouting and asking if I was ok. Got a couple photos…nothing spectacular.

Girl on a snowboard
Josh Snowboarding
And a photo from last weekend, driving on I-70 through town:

I-70 Snow
Christmas morning will be spent at Vail, and the snow is supposed to continue all the way through then!

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