Berthoud Pass Avy Class

Yesterday I was up on Berthoud Pass for the on-snow session of the “advanced avalanche awareness” class put on by Friends of Berthoud Pass. It was a full day of skinning, digging, analyzing the snowpack, and beacon rescue. Much thanks to Jamie and Liz for sharing their time and knowledge to help save lives. Here are a few photos from the day:

Michael cutting out a column for a shovel compression test:

Nate flailing around in the snow after attempting a windblown traverse:

Yesterday was the first day I got to skin with my Factors (with intuitions) and Dukes. People have complained about the weight and lack of stride (for both), though I had no issues. I was able to comfortable get my toes to the tip of the opposing ski on each stride. On another note, my Bluehouse Districts have continued to decamber. They are now rockered continuously from tip to tail. Absolutely amazing performance in powder, not so much elsewhere.

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