Technically Unfat

As of yesterday, I’m not longer considered overweight under the government’s highly-flawed BMI system. The chart below shows the past year. The first month and a half is likely not exactly as shown, as there are no data points between the start of the graph and the peak in March. Those gains were caused by lots of time in the weight room, and the past year I’ve been focusing on cutting down to pick up speed in running, cycling, climbing, etc. Having the Wii Fit to look at every day certainly help with tracking your weight, and when you know if you’re gaining, it’s that much easier to push yourself to cut back on fatty foods and step it up on the exercise.

As can be seen, I’m still a ways off the lows of a couple years ago, but I have no interest in regaining them. I was too thin and not strong enough for what I want to do (though I was certainly fast!).

In other news, I just got Katrina’s batch of photos from the Seattle trip last Summer. I intend to get some up by this weekend.

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