Deep on Berthoud Pass

Berthoud Pass was amazing yesterday. I had been planning to go up there for a few laps with Brad most of the week, and a perfectly timed storm came in. As of 6am Sunday morning, Winter Park was reporting 24″ in 48 hours. Simply unreal. I was thrilled to see that, as my Districts have become more and more rockered in recent weeks, making them perfect for the deep, wet, heavy snow that was waiting. The wind was transporting snow from place to place up high, but down in the trees it was just deep and stable.

Seconds later…

And then the inevitable…

But it’s hard not to smile after going face first into two feet of fresh snow.

A few more seconds later, and I got the best shot of the day:

It was unbelievably crowded there today. The bootpack on the west side looked like the short hike at Breckenridge, and the parking was overflowing.

Completely and totally awesome up there today, and this snow is just what we needed after a week of high pressure.
On a final note, I’d like to thank the two ladies who picked us up and gave us rides back to the top of the pass. Not at all what I expected, but we sure did a good job of cramming people and skis into those tiny cars. It must’ve been a sight to see, little cars with big skis sticking out the windows. Good times. Also thanks to the old hippy dude with the incredibly cool dog for the info, the employee who was out visiting CO for all the awesome gear deals, and finally the Sweets Shop restaurant for a cheap burger and fried mushrooms at the end of the day.

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