Planning. Always planning…

…and buying. With the Rainier trip a mere four and a half weeks away, I’m starting to go into overdrive on figuring out what I need, what I don’t need, how to carry it, how cold I’m going to be, what my 30,000 calories of food should consist of, if we’re going to be able to bed down in the shelter at Camp Muir or not, and I’m buying a lot of crap that I’ve been getting by without for a while. Some things I would’ve bought soon anyway, like the 0 degree down sleeping bag or the AT soles for my ski boots. Some I probably would’ve held off for another season, like the down jacket I’ve got coming. And of course, there are things I wouldn’t have purchased at all, like snow pickets, pulleys, a bunch of ‘biners, a second battery for my Canon 30D, and an expedition sled to drag all this crap half way up the mountain. It should all be worth it though, as in a month I’ll have a winter ascent of Rainier under my belt – assuming the weather cooperates.

I can’t wait.

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