Bike to Work Status Update

Slow week on the blog front here as work has been running late and I’ve been preparing for a trip. I was looking at my bike/drive spreadsheet and plugging in some numbers to see what it would take to get to certain percentages.

As of today, I have biked in 34 times in 2009, and driven in 3 times. One drive was caused by 6″ of snow, one by having to go straight to the dentist after work, and the final was a result of dropping my bike off in the shop and not borrowing a replacement from anyone. This puts me at 92%, which is pretty darn good. I’m shooting for 95% now though, and to get to that level, I have to ride in another 23 days without a single drive day. If I drive once, I’m back into the 80s.

Accounting for estimated number of days off from work for the rest of 2009, I’ll likely have a grand total of approximately 230 work days this year, and 95% would require 219 biking days – not even one drive in per month. If I bump up to 240 work days (unlikely) I’ll be able to drive once a month. This could get tough, although thanks to recent upgrades to my bike, my ride takes less time than driving does – just a little more effort, especially in the wind. Summer will be easy, next fall could be a little more difficult. I guess I’ll just need to get some tires with a more aggressive tread (if I don’t have a mountain bike by then).

Hopefully I’ll have additional photos from skiing last weekend soon. Coming early next week: a Moab trip report.

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