So we are going into another winter storm, which threatens to actually happen (unlike all the other ones forecasted to slam Denver this year). I turned on the TV this morning to find that damn near every school district in town has called it a snow day…huh? I thought something must’ve been wrong with that channel’s feed, so I checked another channel, and it was the same. A little odd, seeing as how it was practically dry outside, and blue skies were visible. I guess they just don’t want to have to deal with getting a bunch of kids home when it starts dumping. Understandable, though I never got anything like that during my 9 years in the public education system in Colorado. I guarantee that wouldn’t have flied 10 years ago.

I did ride my bike in to work today. It’s filthy now, and will require a hose off. Depending on the snow quality and quantity, I may be able to ride home – or I may be hoofing it. We’ll see. And if it snows like it’s supposed to, I fully intend on making my way to the powder day of the year for bell to bell skiing.

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