Finally got a new Foreman

A few months ago, my old George Foreman (which served me well for years) met its end. Scout had jumped up on the counter, likely to plunder the delicious meat and grease remnants from the grill. For some reason she, a dog, was unable to open the grill without knocking it off and ending its useful service life with a very catastrophic structural failure.

Last week, I finally ordered a replacement, this time with removable plates. The most annoying thing about the old one was trying to clean it, which means it usually didn’t get clean – which led to a dog smelling it and deciding it would be a good idea to try to eat it. The one I got is “The Next Grilleration.” Brilliant. It features a digital thermostat (um…ok) and a timer (what?). I tried cooking a burger on it and while it worked without burning the burger, it didn’t get as hot as the old one, and as such didn’t quite sizzle like the old one did. So far I’m happy with it, but the real test will be trying to cook some hash browns on it and see how long that takes.


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