Run, then keep running, and then run some more

Since getting my Forerunner, I’ve been putting in quite a few miles (all wearing the fivefingers). The first run was on Saturday, and since then, I’ve done 18.5. If I do all the runs from my training program, this week (Sunday -> Saturday) will be around 33 miles. I’ve never had a 30-mile week. Cool!

A couple weeks ago I was turned on to the Niketown running club (on the 16th St. Mall) by someone at the Slattery’s run club. I’d never heard of it, and information about it online was pretty scarce. I went with Nate, who’s lucky enough to work less than two blocks away. It was great, with quite a few seriously fast runners. I paced one guy for a mile and a half who eventually started pulling away. When I looked at my watch, I was moving at a 5:40 pace (and couldn’t keep up anymore). He stopped to turn back, when a few guys came by who had been moving slower (9:00) earlier, and were up to a roughly 8 minute pace. Then it was 7:30. Then 7 flat. And then 6:30. Half a mile from the end they were gone, as I couldn’t keep up after 5 miles of race pace. Awesome, I’ll definitely be back (especially to get that 100-mile club shirt!).

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