In All Things, Efficiency

As some of you may know, yesterday was “Earth Day.” I was only reminded yesterday after seeing some ads, references to it, and other assorted BS. One thing I’m glad I didn’t see (at least on my normal route) was more bike commuters than usual. I made it downtown after work for some bike hooliganism and saw a ton of bikes, unfortunately I can’t judge if it was a normal amount of bikes (I’d hope so, as it wasn’t that many) or if it was inflated due to single-day feelings of “saving the world.” I’ll probably be back down there later to see if it’s the same (and I hope it would be, it’s so nice and warm out now). Here’s hoping everyone out there was biking because it’s how they always get around, and not just because NBC’s green peacock told them to.

It’s unfortunate that there are only a couple days a year that there’s a substantial push to get people to consider biking instead of driving. There are big pushes towards very complicated, expensive, and anti-industry “save-the-world” measures right now, when all we really need is some efficiency. For power, nuclear – nothing else is as clean and efficient. For transportation, bikes. No gasoline, 9’x19′ parking spaces, or 12′ lanes required. Less than five miles, and you’re probably faster by bike. Clean air, more efficient use of space, increased fitness, what’s not to love? That there exists an “anti-bicycle” push is absurd. As far as everyday things go, there’s little more pro-freedom than the bicycle.

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