Bike to Work Day..err..year

So tomorrow, June 24, is Denver’s official Bike to Work Day. We have it a month later than anyone else because of perceived weather issues, so instead of cool with a chance of afternoon showers, it’ll be hot (92 degrees!) with a chance of thunderstorms.

Last year’s BTWD was the start for me. I biked 80 times last year, and I’m already at 100 for 2009 as of today (plus one day of running to work), helped by a shorter commute (currently 23 miles RT and occasionally only 10, as compared to 33 for most of last year). I’ve saved over 1,300 miles of driving by doing this and assuming an average of 30 miles per hour (which is probably high, given where I’m going to and from most of the time), that’s over 43 hours not sitting frustrated in traffic.

Everyone thinking about getting out there, go for it, have fun, and ride safe. And don’t forget about all the free breakfast stations scattered around town!

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