Birthday Camping and Wheeling

Alright, finally back up and running here. These photos are from a 4-wheeling trip to Chinaman Gulch taken last weekend, which coincided with my birthday. I was the designated photog, and did no driving.

After getting home from work, I threw everything in the car, went to Nate’s, and we hit the road for Buena Vista. It was cloudy and rainy on the way up, which made for a spectacular view from just outside of town.

After meeting up, heading to the trail, and setting up camp, it was decided that we should check out the start of the trail before it got dark.

The sunset in the mountains is always beautiful.

Nate’s Stock Cherokee had to use more caution than a built rig would, but made it through without much trouble.

After dinner, we decided to go try the trail. Matt’s built up ’80’s 4Runner had an easier time with things.

Easy cruising for the built-up truck through here.


Matt decided to have a near-life experience!

Ok, now what?

It was a pretty tight spot, small cliff on one side and heavily vegetated dropoff on the other.

An hour and a half later the system was in place to right the truck. No photos of the actual righting as I was involved.


At that point we decided it would be better to head back to camp and try it in the morning.

The end of the Carnage trail (reportedly the second hardest in the state) was right by the start of the Chinaman Gulch trail, so we wandered over and checked it out.

Who could possibly look at this and think “I can drive up that?”


Back to the trail.

And a couple scenic shots.

Matt’s little brother gave it a shot.

This pose looks familiar.
Stock Cherokee!

Looks like the built 4Runner might have a hard time here.

No match for the Stock Cherokee though!

Scout was having a blast, although the heat and the sun started getting to her.

And another scenic.

Almost there…

…and stuck.

Stock Cherokee to the rescue! Note that the Stock Cherokee made it over that obstacle without issue.

Back to camp just in time to catch some showers. Scout took refuge from the sun under Matt’s truck.

All in all, a very fun trip. Until next time…

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