Today marks the 140th day of work for the year. With only 7 days of driving in so far (the last time in April), I have just hit the 95% mark for bike to work. I expect to hit the 200-day mark sometime in early December. Last month I had over 700 bike-not-drive miles, which more than doubled up anyone else in the region, winning me a $30 Sports Authority gift card. Now, what to buy…hm.

I haven’t been posting a whole lot lately, because not a lot of post-worthy things have been happening, that I have pictures for. Hopefully I’ll get some from mud volleyball, and I wish I’d had my camera at the Rockies game on Sunday to get a shot of Fowler taking on the right-field wall at full speed.

I expect things will be picking back up soon-ish, although marathon training is coming on strong, which will eat up some time. I have abandoned the full-barefoot goal as two months is simply not enough time to get my feet from where they are now (pain and blisters after only a mile or two) to being able to run 26 on them, so back to the Vibram FiveFingers.

Next weekend I expect to go for the Tenmile Traverse, which should yield some great photos.

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