Moon-lit, Midnight Hike of Torreys and Grays

Lauren and I were planning on adding to our (admittedly short, at this point – 6/58 at the time of this writing) list of 14ers that we’ve done together this morning with a hike of Grays and Torreys. I’ve done this a few times before (4 summits of each, 3 times doing them as a combo), and they’re generally packed, easy, and uneventful in the summer and fall. The plan changed last night at about 9:45, when I was thinking about starting to prepare to get ready for bed; I knew I had to if we were going hiking early in the morning, but I really just wanted to stay up and have some coffee. Then it dawned on me – full moon, clear skies, and gentle winds were in the forecast. Why not go NOW? Continue reading


Berthoud Pass Trash Cleanup

A couple weeks ago, Friends of Berthoud Pass announced a trash-cleanup effort for yesterday morning. They did one in June, but I was busy making last-minute preparations for my Alaska trip and couldn’t make it. About 14 of us met up at 8am on the top of the pass, watched a safety video, and got to work.

It was a beautiful morning; the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. Continue reading

The Decalibron!

Sometimes schedules, weather, and motivation all align to make a trip happen, and yesterday was one of those days – exactly four years to the day after my first attempt at this route. The weather was still breezy, but far nicer, warmer, drier, and sunnier than last time.

Through a few conversations, Lauren and I decided it would be fun to try to hike, climb, or ski all the 14ers together. I’m going to have a few repeats (I was at 16/58 yesterday morning), but that’s alright – most of the repeats will be good ski descents, which I’m always up for.

Though the original plan was to camp up there, last minute schedule changes nixed that. Instead, we loaded up the car the night before. The next morning, I checked my phone and saw a comment from Lauren during a quick stop on the way to Kite Lake, and had to reply.

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So Long, August

August was a long month, without a single post here. Part of that had to do with the fact that I was working nights, and put in about 90 hours of overtime in the middle 3 weeks of the month. I didn’t really get out and do much, just a few bike rides (only one mountain, and a few good road rides up Lookout Mountain from home), a little running, and a few trips to the gym. Things are calming down a little at work, and I’ve already got plans to get out to the mountains again. In other news, I signed up for next year’s Ironman Coeur d’Alene. Most of my friends and family were told a while ago, and I’m working to get my running legs back under me using a 10K training plan for my Forerunner from Runner’s World UK. I used their half marathon plan last year, and loved it. This one will get a little more speedwork done in a little less time.

Meanwhile, I got out of town with Lauren for a little R&R this past weekend. We went to visit my parents in southern Colorado, and went for a couple short hikes, and a scenic drive. On our drive we found a cool tunnel through this radial dike.

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