So Long, August

August was a long month, without a single post here. Part of that had to do with the fact that I was working nights, and put in about 90 hours of overtime in the middle 3 weeks of the month. I didn’t really get out and do much, just a few bike rides (only one mountain, and a few good road rides up Lookout Mountain from home), a little running, and a few trips to the gym. Things are calming down a little at work, and I’ve already got plans to get out to the mountains again. In other news, I signed up for next year’s Ironman Coeur d’Alene. Most of my friends and family were told a while ago, and I’m working to get my running legs back under me using a 10K training plan for my Forerunner from Runner’s World UK. I used their half marathon plan last year, and loved it. This one will get a little more speedwork done in a little less time.

Meanwhile, I got out of town with Lauren for a little R&R this past weekend. We went to visit my parents in southern Colorado, and went for a couple short hikes, and a scenic drive. On our drive we found a cool tunnel through this radial dike.

And here’s Scout and I hanging out in a meadow after a fun round of boulder-hopping.

We checked out a cool rock formation, eroded away by water some number of years ago.

And Scout was, as always, being great. The leash is tied up because I was testing her off-leash (it’s been quite a while and she’s been known to be “difficult” in the past) and wanted something to grab if she tried to take off. Good news, she passed with flying colors and will be joining me skiing this winter!

Finally, a parting shot of the early morning sun hitting the Culebra Range.

That’s all for now. Get out there and enjoy yourself!

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