Opening Day at Loveland

As you’re no doubt aware, this has been a long, warm and dry late summer/early fall in Colorado. This pushed off the start of ski season by a couple weeks; though some friends were going out of their minds, I tried to enjoy it on the mountain bike, running Scout, hiking, and just generally enjoying the pleasant temperatures. Things finally cooled off enough recently for Loveland to get the snowguns blasting, and today was finally the day. After grabbing our passes we got in line, as the clock ticked down to 9am. And then we were off!

It was great seeing friends I hadn’t seen in a while – that’ll change now that the lifts are turning once again. 

It was nice to see the weather as it tends to be up at Loveland – cloudy, cold, and windy. And everything was blanketed in a bit of white – with any luck, things will open quickly.

Things got pretty packed at times, but it was still fun – and with A-Basin opening tomorrow, this was probably the worst it will be for the rest of the season.

More familiar faces.

Charles has decided to take up tele skiing this year, so Larry (up front here, a darn good tele skier) gave Charles some tips.

I had to head out, so I only got one run in with Charles on the tele rig, which happened to be his first time teleing. I’m glad I got to be there for it.

I’m really wanting to pick up a cheap setup, I’ve even got some skis previously drilled for tele that would work great. We’ll leave things with a parting shot of Lauren looking pretty good, and definitely better than last year at this time.

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