Boulder Ultra Cross

Boulder Ultra CX was possibly the hardest and most enjoyable race I’ve done all year. No official support, no course markings, and best of all – no entry fees. The course was 50 miles long, which I successfully navigated due to the GPS mounted on my bike’s stem. It included 6,000′ of climbing, including one uninterrupted 20-mile long, 3,300′ climb. The course looked a little something like this:

And the elevation profile like this:

The worst part about the steep climbs towards the end is the sustained steep downhills before them – just enough to let the legs get cold before starting back uphill again.

The morning of the race, I arrived early (as usual) at Mosaic (makers of fine custom steel and titanium bicycle frames) in Boulder and took my time getting ready as others started to trickle in.

Phillip made it for his first ‘cross race of the year, and wasted no time getting ready in typical HCCX style.

A pretty sizable contingent made it from HCCX, which meant plenty of company on the ride.

At the pre-race meeting: “show of hands, who’s ridden the course?”

Nine o’clock rolled around, and we were off.

Nick, in the flight suit and blue backpack was not only riding a singlespeed, he started the day carrying 14 beers in his pack.

About halfway to the highpoint of the day, we all took a break and helped Nick lighten his load.

Eventually the pavement ended, but the grade, weather, company, and views made for perfect riding.

The road then went from “nice dirt road” to “Jeep road.”

And then it turned to “hiking a steep loose hillside with bacon at the top.” But everyone made it, without too many mechanicals.

It was time for one of those long bombing descents, then some more climbing. Then more descending, more climbing, etc.

I rolled in to the finish after about five hours, tired but happy. Happy Coffee Cyclocross took a number of awards, including first place, lantern rouge, and best costume. This is one ride I won’t be missing next year.

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