Friday Night Slides

After hemming and hawing about bindings for my new lightweight ski setup for a few weeks, I settled on Dynafit Speed Radicals (mainly for price, but also adjustability). After a pretty long week, some cool mountain air and light exercise sounded like just what I needed. I buzzed up to Loveland after work on Friday and was moving right after sunset.


This will probably come as no surprise to anyone, but it was pretty chilly at 12,000′ on the darkest day of the year after the sun went down. Beautiful, calm, and exactly what I needed.


I was impressed with the uphill performance of my new setup, gaining the 1,100′ to the Chair 2 hut in half an hour despite not being at my best or even pushing that hard.


It was getting dark so the descent was rather reserved, but it was enough for me to figure out that I need to detune the tips of the skis a bit.

Merry Christmas, all. Cherish the time spent with your loved ones this holiday season, as you never know how much more of it you’ll get.

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