Cyclocross Season Returns! – CX of the North

And just like that, ‘cross season is back in Colorado. At the time of this writing things are more than a bit damp thanks to a 100-year storm, but moondust was the name of the game last weekend at Cross of the North. I’m back to “racing” in the singlespeed category, partly due to missing the pain that comes with not being able to change gear ratios mid-race, but also largely due to racing at 8am instead of 2:30pm. I’m a morning person through-and-through, and the early race works perfectly for me.

Photo by Greg Orticelle

Nick flatted in a bad spot and had to run for a while, but came blasting back and didn’t even get shorted a lap.

Photo by Greg Orticelle

I did get lapped by the leaders, but still finished a few spots above last place – my best SS finish yet.

Photo by Greg Orticelle

Though it may have seemed a bit early for beer, it was already 80F at 9am. A Mama’s Little Yella Pils after 50 minutes of flat-out racing in the heat hit the spot.



Our team had a single racer lining up for the SW4 class, so we of course had to stick around and cheer.


Erika navigating the rolley, twisty section at the start of the lap:


The heat was no joke at this race. September is definitely too early to start CX season, but here we were.


A dropped chain necessitated a stop in the pit. Fortunately, a talented pit crew was ready to get the bike back up and running, and the racer re-energized with a cold beer.


Though it was blazing hot last weekend, things will be a bit more damp and cool tomorrow. Sunday’s race has been cancelled due to the course being underwater, if that says anything.

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