Missouri Mountain – 7/4/07

July 4, 2007
Missouri Mountain

This is where it gets really stupid.

Andrew and I left Denver, at probably 2 in the morning, it might’ve been a little earlier. I’d been here before in early spring, but was turned back by a combination of exhaustion and an incoming blizzard.

The objective:

Skis? Are these guys out of their friggin’ minds? (The answer is yes.)

Incredible views when you get to the top of the ridge.

Andrew on the summit, wondering just how stupid what we’re about to do is:

Me, already knowing:

Remember, this is the 4th of July:

The snow was good for a couple hundred feet, but then it was completely unconsolidated. We were sinking knee-deep with our feet on in heavy, heavy slush. That lead to this:

Yes, it’s as steep as it looks.

On the way home a tire blew out. I was pissed.

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