Mt. Democrat – 6/16/07

June 16, 2007
Mt. Democrat

The lifts had stopped turning a few weeks before, but my friend Andrew and I weren’t done skiing. Word was that snow here was pretty solid, so we set off early in the morning to hit a 14er and do some skiing. I’d been here before, but Andrew hadn’t. This was his second 14er.

They don’t call it Kite Lake for nothing:

Andrew slogging up the rock pile:

The flat valley in the distance is where South Park, CO is. It’s gorgeous down there, but the wind really rips in the winter.


Eating a bag of fish on the summit:

Getting started:

Enjoying the corn:

Andrew ripping down a nice steep section:

Fun was had by all. The snow eventually ran out and we had a mile or so hike out over sharp rocks.

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