Seattle, Day 2

At long last, I’m back to the Seattle trip.

After an uncomfortable night sleeping under a viaduct, the two of us crawled out from the back of the Durango and took off to scare up some food. A quick stop was made to look at Seattle from across the bay, but I’m not thrilled with any of the photos. Breakfast was in a diner in Sea-Tac, which turned out to be pretty damn good and inexpensive. Since we didn’t know about the awesomeness and simplicity of the ferries, we drove down to Olympia on our way to the peninsula. Here’s a shot of the capitol building:

Ok, enough of that. Several hours and many diversions later we made it just about to the coast. We stopped at a campground to reserve our spot. Beautiful there:

After a few minutes, it was off to the shore. Many bottles of beer were loaded into a backpack, and we got ready to watch the sun set over the ocean.

And it’s gone.

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