Seattle, Day 3

After a few hours of drinking quality beer next to the campfire, Katrina was falling asleep at the bench. 5 very cold, restless hours later, the sun was coming up.

A few minutes later we took off to gather firewood at the beach for that evening. It’s amazing how much wood just constantly washes up to shore.

Then it was off to the Hoh Rain Forest. Very green, but not what I was expecting.

These were everywhere along the roads. Can anyone ID it?

I passed out while Katrina drove, and I woke up when we were about to stop at a short hike to a waterfall. I don’t remember the name of it.

Then it was off to Hurricane Ridge. It was awesome.

A few hours of hiking and looking around there and we took off, trying to find another campground before sunset. Made it just in time (this picture within 30 seconds of getting to the shore).

Then it was back to get a fire going.

Playing with long exposures.

This was to be a very, very, very long night. At one point I went and watched the waves coming in by starlight, which was simply beautiful. The two of us downed a case of beer, and weren’t asleep until roughly 4:30. We had a sea kayaking reservation for 8:30 the next morning.

One thought on “Seattle, Day 3

  1. Completely randomly came across your blog and started to flip through… th purple flower looks like it’s a perennial called Foxglove….

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