Gnarch Radness – Part 1

This report has 25 photos to go with it, so it’ll be spread across two posts. Look for the second one tomorrow morning.

This trip was in the works for months. Bike in Fruita on Friday and Moab on Saturday and Sunday, camping and bbqing and drinking and all the fun that goes along with that sort of trip. A week prior to leaving, the forecast called for a 20% chance of rain. As the days passed, the forecast was increasingly calling for an end to the weeks of sun and heat, on the day we were to arrive in Moab. Mere hours before we were to leave, plan B was put into effect. Camping was to be scrapped, we would bike Fruita on Friday, and ski Beaver Creek on Saturday. What a way to spend a March weekend in Colorado!

Thursday night Nate and I left Denver for Glenwood Springs. It was nearly 7pm by the time we were on the road. Fortunately the weather was good and the roads were clear, so we were at Andrew’s before 10pm. After some unloading and hanging out with Ace and his girlfriend Katy, Nate dug out this photo, circa 1969.

The next morning we were up around 8, and loaded up the bikes. It was dumping snow, though we were hopeful it would be dry and sunny where we were headed.

After a stop for breakfast and spare tubes, we arrived in Rabbit Valley to a perfect 55 degree, bluebird day. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. After some screwing around at the car with tubes, sunscreen, layers, cameras, food, and etc., we were off to the Western Rim trail. Most of the photos are of Andrew, as he was the most adventurous. None of me as I was behind the lens, and none of Katy because she wasn’t feeling well and turned back pretty early.
Just before the following photos, I had my first crash of the day. I was too far back pedaling up a steep hill, pulled up the front wheel, and flipped backwards, completely uninjured.

Nate decided to go for this little drop. As you can see, he didn’t quite commit to it.

Ace sending it!

Taking in the view (of which there are no pictures, as all I had was my telephoto lens).

Andrew pretty much killed it all day long.

That’s it for today. 10 or 12 more photos tomorrow, finishing up the day of cycling and a couple shots from Beaver Creek.

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