Gnarch Radness – Part 2

And now, the rest of the photos.

Nate felt like getting aggressive.

But it didn’t last.

Getting back after it:

Andrew, stylie as always:

Sends it! Smoove…We didn’t see anyone else all day except for one dirt bike as we were almost back to the car. Ace found that he lost all but one bolt holding his bash guard on about a mile from the car. After a little tightening, he was good to go.

After that, it was back to Fruita proper for a lap up 18 Road. I didn’t join, and drove the shuttle, as I was too beat from 16+ miles of biking (on my first time MTBing). At the parking lot, a couple guys and several dogs went out for a lap or two…

…while I took in the scenery. Andrew, Katy, and Nate rolled in a few minutes later. The minor issue with the bash guard turned major as one bolt wasn’t enough to hold everything together. He sheared off the big chainring on the way down, requiring a trip to the shop the next day.

We took off for dinner and a soak in the Glenwood Hot Springs, which were awesome. I’m envious of everyone who lives there and gets to drop in for a soak after a long day of skiing, hiking, climbing, biking, or any one of the many things that are so close to Glenwood Springs.

After a good night’s sleep, it was off to Beaver Creek the next morning. The conditions were horrible – cold, windy, dumping graupel and rime, all on top of a incredible ice crust resulting from weeks of sun, heat, and no snow. Visibility was nil. It was a struggle to make out two chairs ahead of you on the lift. Andrew forgot his boots at home, and I think he probably had a better day as a result.

Despite the crappy skiing, it was an awesome weekend in Colorado, and a great sendoff to the handlebars (which are now gone).

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