Preliminary Review of the FiveFingers

I’ve had the chance to take my new FiveFingers KSOs out on a couple 5k runs now. The first was on Thursday, which was pretty flat. The first portion was paved, and felt fine. The middle 2 miles was mostly grass, and it felt better than running has ever felt for me. Getting back on asphalt for the end was painful, and I was glad when it ended. I was fairly happy with them at that point. Today I ran another 5k, which was hillier and had a more solid mix of hard and soft surfaces, as well as a boat-anchor of a dog (wtf Scout, you were fine on Thursday!). Running on asphalt and concrete felt a lot better than it did last time, though my calves were more sore (I assume from the hills).

I’m happy with them so far, and look forward to trying to get ready to run 13.1 miles with them in 8 weeks.

Update: I was hoping to go for a long-ish bike ride today (60-70 miles) but that won’t be happening, as my calves are very tight today. Maybe something on the shorter side, we’ll see.

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