Run to Work

As most of you know, Denver finally got some precipitation after an incredibly dry winter last night and into this morning. As many of you are aware, biking in the rain (or even just on wet pavement) sucks, particularly if you don’t have fenders (which I don’t). On top of getting you wet, it tears up brake pads, picks up leaves/dirt/grime, strips off dry lube, and is generally just miserable. On the other hand, running when it’s cool, dark, and damp (like it was this morning) is great. It was a decent pace at 39 minutes (for just under 5 miles), which I’m sure will improve as my feet get more used to the fivefingers. I didn’t feel like I was moving fast, just a leisurely run, so if I can get my distances up, a half marathon will be substantially under 2 hours. Perfect.

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