Road Trip Photos

Here are 15 photos from the drive to MRNP and back. It looks like I’ll be on the mountain on my birthday for try #2. Here’s hoping all goes well next time.

Hundreds of pounds of the lightest gear ever made:
Sunrise in Wyoming:
The world’s most advanced refinery, yet it still has a burnoff stack:
Eastern edge of the Wasatch. There were some amazing looking lines there:
More Utah:
Idaho was flat, and I’m pretty sure I slept through most of it, so here’s some of Oregon:
SO green out there:
Cool scenic pull-off from the highway:
Sunset in Oregon:

Hudge waterfall on the drive back:
Train going by along the Columbia River. It makes our rivers looks like tiny streams:
Looking back at the storm that kept us off the mountain:
Final shot of the trip:

One thought on “Road Trip Photos

  1. woah man looks like a wild trip! makes me feel better about getting 500 ft from the collar on Citadel this weekend and getting chased down. Would you be interested in some quandry this wknd?

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