Harbinger of the Fixed Gear Apocalypse

After dismissing fixed gear bikes as intriguing but stupid, I’m finally on my way to riding fixed. I’ve been beating on my road bike for almost a year now, putting thousands of miles on it through every weather condition Denver can throw at you. I’ve been running a 10 mile RT commute lately, which is about to jump up to 22 miles. Figuring that I didn’t want to continue to beat the hell out of the softride, I finally pulled the trigger on a dedicated commuter bike. Saturday, I picked up a Bianchi San Jose:

I’m currently running the freewheel, as the fixed gear cog is incompatible with the chain I’m running. Soon though. I will also be adding such practical, unaesthetic items as fenders, lights, and a rack. How lame! I’ve also got to upgrade the tires, as the stockers are way too slow, loud, and aggressive for road use (yet not enough so for real trail use).

On the bike-to-work front, I’m at 91.25% biking to work for the year. I’m hoping that with a bike better suited to rough weather will help me to get to work without my car for all but 4 (or fewer) days for the rest of the year, which will get me my 95% goal. If things continue as expected, I’ll be over 100 days biking to work by the time the official Bike to Work day rolls around.

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