It’s gonna be a long weekend

Nothing particularly interesting is going on right this moment, it’s just 10:30pm and I’m wired. I’d rather listen to Pandora for the next 4 hours than go to sleep.

The half marathon is on Sunday morning, starting at 6am (wtf!). My ipod is ready to go, playlist and order set. Hopefully it works out for me. I’m feeling pretty good about the race and fairly confident I’ll break 1:45.

Saturday morning, I’ll be climbing Cristo Couloir on Quandary. Just a fun, mellow couloir climb with what promises to be a fun descent. With any luck, the road will be open to the dam, saving half an hour of walking on a dirt road in ski boots.

Tomorrow I’ll hopefully get my new tires in my hands for the Bianchi. I’m looking forward to getting less rolling resistance. I also think I’ll need to replace the freewheel, as the stock one appears to suck. A lot.

Plans are progressing for Rainier in July. I expect great success and a hell of a story to tell in the end.


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