Denver Cruisers – Decades

Last night (Wednesday) was Denver Cruisers’ weekly summer ride, this time with the theme of “Decades.” Pretty open ended. Anyway, it was my first time going, and it was a blast. Things started off at the Gin Mill, with a meeting time of 6:30. I figured I’d be home 9-10 or so. Nope, things didn’t even get going from there until about 8:30.

Pimpin’ ain’t easy.

There was easily a few hundred people out for the ride (and despite it not being a “booze cruise,” it certainly was).

This is…somewhere.


The first stop (at a bar/venue that I don’t remember the name of) had a rockin’ band, and…a stripper pole? Not quite what I was expecting.

Good times, and I’m sure I’ll join them again. And I really, really need to get a cruiser bike.

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