Rock Climbing in Boulder Canyon

So today Hans, Mel, Sara, and myself went climbing in Boulder Canyon. I have no idea the name of the crag, other than it was about 14.5 miles past the bridge and required crossing a creek (which was not very warm). This was my first day out on the rock all season (I know, lame) and it was a blast. I just woke up from a nap so I’ll keep this one simple.

Hans leading the first route of the day, a 5.7.

Me, on that same route.

Sara, on the same route.

Mel, on the same route.

Hans leading the next route of the day, a 5.8.

Sara on the 5.8.

The last route before having to leave for the day was a 5.10a, which is just to the left of the route in the last picture (up along the large crack). I was a little hesitant, but with some encouragement and advice from below, I was able to send it. Hopefully I can get back out again before it gets into ski season, as the odds of me going climbing once the snow falls are pretty low.

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