A few more from…you guessed it, Loveland

11 days into the season and I still haven’t ventured out to the backcountry (though plans to correct that are in place), and have instead been having fun, trying to dial in new boots (Full Tilts, which have already given me four broken buckles in 5 ski days on them), and getting my legs back under me at Loveland. Just a couple photos here from the past week.

Alex is one of the few people on earth who can actually put a 150-flex ski boot to good use. Must have something to do with chasing the never-ending winter for a few years.

Conditions have been outstanding for the time of year, especially compared to last year. After the storm that just ended last night, coverage looks better than it did last March.

Today was an amazing day. I woke up and checked the snow report to find 15″ in the past 24 hours, and nearly three feet in as many days. The steeps under Chair 1 opened, as did South Chutes. I haven’t had a permagrin like today’s in a long time!

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