Demo days thoughts and mini-reviews

A couple weeks ago I took part in the Christy Sports demo days at Loveland, as I was looking for a ski to replace the second-year 187 Bluehouse Districts I sold off a couple months ago. These were skis like the K2 Kung Fujas, Rossignol S97 and S3, and the Head Jerry. There were a few other skis I wanted to try as well, like the K2 Obsethed and Head Jimi.

The first ski I took out was the 179 Obsethed, as the Fujas was out on the hill. Conditions were pretty hard, and I wasn’t warmed up yet and just didn’t love them. I knew I’d be happier on them in better conditions and once I had a few laps in my legs, so I took them back with the intention to try them again later.

The 179 Fujas was a great ski – playful but could throw a little weight around when needed. Later in the day I would realize it’s pretty much a perfect blend of the Rossi S3 and S97. Unfortunately K2 changed its sizing this year – a 179 (like with my Public Enemies) used to measure more like a 183 from other manufacturers, but that’s corrected for this year, making the 179 feel just a little small. I lost a good amount of weight over the summer though, and so felt comfortable with a little bit smaller ski. Last up at K2 was the Revival. I was hesitant to ski it as it seemed to be entirely park-specific – no camber, equally rockered tips and tails, and a pretty centered mount. I was absolutely shocked at the ability for it to carve on hardpack, and I think I found the replacement for my Public Enemies when they finally need to be retired.

Next up was the Rossignol tent. I wanted to try the S3 but they were all out on the hill, so I took out the S97. It was exactly the ski I had been looking for – maneuverable, easy to ski, and plows through everything. A bottom-feeding charger if you will. Don’t be fooled by the marketing speak, as this ski has zero rocker at all. That said, I loved it so much I picked up a pair of last year’s, and they’re leaning against a wall waiting to be mounted. The S3 was back when I took the S97 back, so I took it out. It’s an incredibly fun ski, and I wish more terrain had been open. In contrast to the S97’s tendency to go through anything in its way, the S3 likes to go over everything. I have a pair on order from a local shop, and can’t wait to get them out on a powder day. My only dilemma is what bindings to put on them.

Next up was Head. I tried the Jerry, and hated them. There was a weird hooky feeling to them, and I just couldn’t get them to feel right. I jumped on the Jimi next, and loved it. Powerful, slarvy (even on mostly-hardpack, though it had been snowing all day and softened things up), and easy to lay on edge for big-radius turns. Lauren is getting a pair of these, and I think she’ll like them.

I stopped back at the K2 tent to try the Obsethed again, and all they had was the 189. I took it out and it was fun, but too big for me. I liked it quite a bit more, and can understand some of the hype around it. I was getting tired and badly needed to stop for lunch and a rest break at this point, as I had been demoing skis non-stop for six hours. I wish I’d been able to try some of the smaller brands (Ski Logik and Icelantic specifically) but just ran out of time.

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