Long-term Tire Review: Continental Sport Contact

Full disclosure: I paid full price for these tires at Salvagetti in downtown Denver, a shop which I strongly recommend.

Last night I finally retired my first Sport Contact, off the rear wheel of my bike (the front, while showing a little wear, is still going strong). It’s billed as a nearly flat-proof tire, and lately I’ve had a couple flats which tells me it was time to replace it. While I didn’t burn through to a different colored rubber, comparing the thickness of the tread to the replacement told me all I needed to know. It was sad to see the tire go, but not unexpected – they’ve got two full summer seasons on them, plus a decent amount of winter miles. Though I didn’t track exactly, it stood up to at least 4,000 miles – most of them while running the bike as a fixed gear. Not bad for a $30 tire. I use the 700×32 size, which is perfect for commuting – it gave a smooth ride but isn’t unreasonably heavy, particularly for a tire with such great flat protection. I absolutely recommend these tires to anyone looking for a mostly-dry road commuting tire.

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