Quiver Dilemma

I’ve talked to a few friends about this, but time is getting to be of the essence and so I’m going ahead and casting a wide net and turning to you. I’ve got some skis that I don’t know which bindings I should mount them with, and need help. Here’s the list:

  • 179 Public Enemy with alpine bindings (rock skis, this setup isn’t changing)
  • 175 Black Diamond Kilowatt with Dynafits (ski mountaineering, this isn’t changing without a good argument)
  • 186 Rossignol SC97, unmounted but getting alpine bindings
  • 186 ON3P Billy Goat, mounted with Dynafits but will need a remount
  • 186 Rossignol S3, don’t actually have these yet but should in a few days

What would you do, and why? Nothing is out of the question, including buying/selling things.

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